“The Company’s Net Asset Value increases through equity and optimisation of liquidity position and exit”

The Company takes a hands on approach, in relation to all of it’s investments, including Board & management roles. It is supported by a strategic Advisory Board made up of experienced and well informed industry professionals & executives who help to ensure a discerning and focused approach to Company growth.

Kaeva Plc captures, creates & delivers value and business profits through

  • Either at or close to a public listing on a recognised stock exchange
  • Able to expand through the establishment of routes to market and speed to market
  • Well suited to take over or increased equity value through investor awareness programs
  • Investment in these securities – forming a portfolio of assets with recognised value
  • Identification of well managed asset rich companies
  • On the verge of accelerated growth
  • With a suitable capital structure and a recognised share price
  • In need of essential capital
  • Prepared to offer favourable terms for shares in exchange for capital

“Kaeva Plc identifies well managed asset rich companies that are on the verge of accelerated growth.”

It negotiates a favourable equity stake in these ventures, on the basis that it can it can provide essential venture capital.

Kaeva Plc captures, creates & delivers value and business profits through

  • Corporate governance & finance
  • Global capital markets
  • Public listings
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Investor relations
  • Public awareness campaigns